Apply for a Travel Stipend

Apply for a Travel Stipend

Travel Stipend Application

Any girl or woman golfer from Hawaii who has represented Hawaii in a USGA Championship may apply for a travel stipend from the Hawaii Stat Women's Golf Foundation.

Hawaii State Women's Golf Foundation
c/o Mrs. Maud Chang
116 Ragsdale Place
Honolulu, HI 96817

  • Use a separate application for each stipend you are applying for.
  • The deadline for submitting all applications is September 30th of each year. Each application will be reviewed by the grant committee and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval at the Annual Meeting for the Board of Directors held in October.
  • Upon approval, HSWGF Travel stipends awarded to junior golfers will be sent directly to them.
  • Upon approval, HSWGF Travel stipends awarded to those who are not junior golfers will be sent to the Hawaii State Golf Association and they will send checks to the recipients accordingly.

**A junior golfer is an amateur who has not reached (1) the September following graduation from secondary school, or (2) her 19th birthday, whichever comes first.

Lily K. Yao

Deadline to submit this application is September 30, of each year. Before applying for the Lily K. Yao Scholarship, the applicant is responsible for informing and seeking the approval to do so from her coach, athletic director, counselor, registrar or any other individuals involved in the assignment of financial aid.

Please submit completed forms to:

Hawaii State Women’s Golf Foundation  
683 Kaulana Place
Honolulu, HI 96821